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Video Production

Leveraging your organization's cause through the power of storytelling.

Influencer Marketing

Raising awareness for your mission through our collaborators across a multitude of industries.

Fempact Social

Highlighting the stories of strong women in the Social Enterprise space.

Other marketing firms offer marketing services; we go beyond marketing to support your organization in every aspect of your impact. 

  • Revenue driving strategies

    We want to help you find additional verticals of revenue so you never have to sacrifice taking a paycheck to fight for your cause.

  • creative marketing

    We'll help make your brand memorable by catapulting your web presence, cultivating digital marketing strategies, or planning guerilla marketing projects to bring attention to the problems you're trying to solve.

  • video production

    Creating a one-stop video production hub that will make a unique and click-worthy video that can tell the story of your company.

  • Influencer Marketing

    Creating a network of activists and influencers all fighting for the future of our world.

  • social change

    Leveraging existing relationships and networks to culminate in the change we wish to see in our world.

New Article - 5 Ways To Enjoy Miami Swim Week

5 ways to enjoy miami swim week

Before You've Reached Your #Goalz

Miami Swim Week 2016 is here and you know what that means: we’re about to see a whole bunch of bodies who consider unsalted popcorn a “cheat” food. Honestly, even if you have a Donald Trump sized ego and you spend the next few hours watching every Dove commercial ever made, it would STILL be reasonable to feel majorly insecure by the impending inundation of societally deemed “perfect” bodies. Loving yourself unconditionally, as is, is one of the hardest things to do. It’s even harder when we are comparing ourselves to people who represent a standard of beauty we very much value, but may not relate to ourselves. One swimsuit line has caught our attention and was the inspiration for this article. 

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